Earlier this week we began posting Jam Sessions to our YouTube channel. It’s something Nessa and I wanted to start doing to get better at live improv and performance. It’s also learning effort to understand some of our hardware a bit better.

Nessa is more familiar with the hardware than I am though. Personally, I’m much more comfortable working in Ableton or another DAW, but this has been a fun experience so far.

One of the jams:

Setup Difficulties:

Currently, it is kind of a pain in the ass to sequence things. Right now the Drumbrute acts like the leader clock for the Moog and the Juno. Except the sequencer on both the Moog and the Juno are a bit annoying to work with.

Yesterday I rewired it so the Beatstep Pro is the leader clock for everything and I’m going to try out using its sequencer instead of the Juno or the Moog.

We also hijacked a table from another part of the house to allow us to have a proper keyboard for the juno. The most ideal setup would probably be the keystep pro instead of the beatstep (sequencing melodies on the drum pads is a little annoying), but that didn’t exist when we got the beatstep.