Album cover for the Kephalos release titled Molly. Features a painting of a cat named Molly that is laying on a bed between an electric guitar and some drum sticks. STREAM HERE
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Life partners Matt and Nessa embark on a journey of sound and light. Every day getting a little deeper into the relationship between what you hear, see, and feel in our music. With Nessa being the lead vocalist, and both contributing music and video production skills.

Taking inspiration from musical and visual sources; from the sounds of EDM, Electronica, and Industrial; to the visuals of science fiction, like Blade Runner, Interstellar, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Come with us as we explore music and visual technology together.

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Nessa holding a drum stick while performing
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Nessa performing while holding a mic
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Nessa performing while staring into the distance
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Matt and Nessa posing together
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Matt is sitting on some stairs behind Nessa
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Matt and Nessa performing on stage
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Matt performing on stage